About EXPRESSAN and its evolution

A commitment to creativity

The 2015 season saw the birth of the EXPRESSAN project.

It began as a blog of reviews on exhibitions and creative projects to promote and disseminate different ways of expressing contemporary Art and Design.

As time progressed, we experienced a continuous transformation, evolving towards a more active and dynamic format, until reaching what it is today. Today, EXPRESSAN has become an innovative digital platform that transcends conventional barriers, generating interdisciplinary projects with a clear purpose: to foster a deeper and more enriching connection between people and the exciting world of design and contemporary art.

At the core of our trajectory remains a fundamental principle: the notion of the Archive. This idea permeates every facet of our actions, acting as an intrinsic thread that connects to the very essence of our brand.

Our commitment to Design and Art translates into a variety of initiatives and activities that add value to society. These include contemporary projects that intertwine disciplines, editorial work that gives voice to creative expression, audiovisual productions that offer enriching perspectives on the creative world and a specialised office that acts as a driving force for hybrid projects, bringing emerging talent to new and exciting opportunities.

Welcome to EXPRESSAN, where exploration, innovation and connection converge in a space full of creativity.

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Behind EXPRESSAN, directing this creative place and the teams that are formed in each initiative is Sandra Galindo. You can see more details at Sandra-Galindo.com

Sandra Galindo
Project Manager
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